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Podcast Zen and Management "Value, Price and Cost"

I will not return to the original world.
Make the most of your changing chance of corona.

Let's send you this week's podcast Zen and management.

Value, price and cost
Value, price, and cost are created.
The difference between value and price is the benefit of our customers.
The difference between price and cost is the profit of the company.

⇒ It's not worth getting involved in price competition.
They do something that people don't do to create something unique
It's about creating value.

[One question Zen answer]
How do I write a to-do list?
I can't write well because I'm confused with appointments and schedules.

⇒ To-do List fills the line between appointments and appointments.
Write down what you can do.
Don't write about things you can't do because you're greedy.

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